Thursday, February 26, 2009

Check out this badboy!! We think this is the limo we're gonna get. It doesn't look very special in the pic but it's a proper sexy beast when you get up close and personal. Much nicer than faffy little 'normal' limos! We're gonna have to get 2 for all the important people to get from the church to the hotel (40mins away).
In honour of my complete addiction to all stuff Lush i've decided that i HAVE to have something Lush for my wedding favours.
Sent the Lush Wedding Favour Lady an email to ask about prices and they do a discount for big orders, so definately something that we could do...the price i've worked out is well within the budget we allowed for favours!
The main choice at the moment is this "Flosty Gritter" cos it's pretty, glittery and pink! (check out the pic above) Hehehe!! It's a bubble bar so a gooden for the ladies!

Dunno what we're gonna do for the fella's but to be honest they dont normally give a crap anyway so we're thinking a net bag of sugared almonds for them to munch on or fling at each other!! Hahaha!! Nothing pretty for them hairy smellies!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Something we definately agree on...

This pic doesn't show the pink's much brighter than this in real life!!!
Anyway, we're having black bridesmaids and cerise pink for the flowergirls. Lee couldn't picture it properly but went along with it anyway. Then we went to a wedding fair last Sunday and BANG the most beautiful table layout ever ever ever!!! Lee loved it straight away!! So now i know he isn't just agreeing with me on the colours to humour me! He really loves the 2 of them as well! Whoop whoop!!!
This pic is from a friend of Lee, who supplies linen for weddings. We're going to go out and see his show room to see if he has exactly what we want!